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Key Motifs: Splash of Colours

In ss2010 on May 27, 2010 at 2:56 pm

ss2010 trend alert: maxi dresses, key motifs

The thing about Spring Summer collections is the fact that we are blessed with gorgeous sunshine all through the year and honestly, spring summer is about the only collection that will allow us to get by our days (has anyone else realized that the temperature is getting higher and higher?).

Building your style and your wardrobe takes the effort of identifying what works for you, selecting key pieces and slowly integrating it into your everday fashion repertoire.

The good news is maxi dresses are flattering for almost everyone. If you are slim and slender, then all maxi dresses will work on you; if you are slightly rounder, the flowy ones will draw the attention to the fabrication and silhoutte and if you are of average height, you can wear tube maxi dresses that is sure to be attention-grabbing!

This chiffon maxi with one of SS2010’s key motifs is one of my personal favourites from this season. Clinching slightly at the waist makes your body look longer while the loose hugging top really flatters the shoulders and the collarbone.(belt is optional)

Available also in fuschia, the key motifs depict the lovely environment around us which is all so summer-ish.

While we are on the topic of key motifs, there is one item that any sensible fashionista would want to carry around in your big straw bag this season, the multi-purpose drape pareo. It is of jersey material with the SS2010 signature motif prints and is all so comfortable whether you want to wear it as a top or just to wrap around your shoulders when you are feeling a little breezy.

Featured here are  just four of the many ways but when you drop by any of the Le Ann Maxima outlets, the staff will gladly show you more ways to utilize this really cool piece of work.

these items are now available in all Le Ann Maxima stores

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