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Floral Print Effect

In ss2010 on June 5, 2010 at 7:21 pm

ss2010 trend alert: key motif print

The idea behind wearing prints and colours is the intensity of it and the likeliness of you attracting more attention (the right way, of course). Step back for a moment and think about the reason why you like to play dress up; to look attractive, to cover yourself, to express yourself, to gain the attention of the right people and so forth, unless of course you are one of those people who have absolutely no interest in self-vanity at all (which in case, you need to come to one of the Le Ann Maxima stores and have our sales team have a little chat with you. :D)

We know black and white is always safe and low maintenance and easy to mix and match, but really, making a impression sometimes need you to just try a little harder. At a business meeting or conference, you want your clients to remember you, you want your partners to be able to pick you out from the rest of the crowd, and so, add a splash of colour to your wardrobe.

The new arrivals this week at LAM stores are two different pieces using the same Floral Print Effect which is perhaps the dash of color you need for your working wardrobe. Although one of them is a tube dress, you can easily pair it with the cardigans and utility jackets that we have in store to make it ‘workable’. The other, or course, is an easy breezy blouse which you can match with a pair of black slacks and jacket for work.

We have to admit that the business/work wardrobe for women have evolved so much that it is no longer the black and white power suit that is appropriate for work. Being a successful corporate woman does not mean you need to have a boring wardrobe, in fact, it is more and more enviable and valuable these days for a successful independent woman to also be subtly stylish.

Put on a black working suit jacket or a long wavy cardigan and pair it with a waistbelt, you have got your working attire for the day which is conservative and yet stylish enough with the splash of colours to make you stand out. After work, if you are heading for a couple of drinks or dinner with friends and associates, take off your outer piece and voila, you have a tube dress to work the night. 😀

The same print effect available on a blouse.

For this styling, Tengku Azura wears the blouse paired with cut off jeans for a casual effect. For work, you can pair it with a pair of black pants with the same leather bag and you are ready to go. (Bag is also available at Le Ann Maxima)

The blouse and the tube dress is of 100% silk organza fabrication. The fabric holds the shape of the dress well and you can be sure it will define your body shape. It is easy to wash (no dry cleaning needed) and easy to iron too.

So come on down and give your work wardrobe a new fresh breath of colours.

these items are now available in all Le Ann Maxima stores

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