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Cover Ups!

In ss2010 on June 17, 2010 at 10:01 pm

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After feasting our eyes on that major Spring Summer Presentation in the form of Sex and The City 2 (*grin*), we cannot emphasize any more on Cover Ups!

If you remember the scene where the girls arrive at their fantasy holiday destination and how it was considered respectful to cover up while in public; it is also equally important to be able to switch back to your sexy back when you are back in private.

Don’t get yourself in hot soup like Samantha Jones, carry one around in your tote all the time. The contemporary stylish version of the cardigan fulfills a few criterias, easy to pack, easy to carry, and easy to style.

Forget about the boring old shawl and get yourself one of the many cardigans and wrap-arounds from Le Ann Maxima. In every colour, please. 🙂

This very luxe feeling loosely knitted scarf-cardi available in black and gold is a must have for evening or formal occasions. There is nothing more classy than draping around your shoulders to create the now you see, now you don’t effect.

Need we say more? This cardigan is available in all SS2010 colours. Come in and parade them all in the fitting rooms until you can’t get no more.

One of the main features of SS2010 are the utility jackets. There has been considerable military influence in major designer collections and the utility jacket is an element that keeps popping up. While we can’t really go all commando (no pun intended) on our designs, we have definitely injected the utility elements in our outer wear/cover ups.

In all utilitarian sense, the pockets aplenty is perfect for your Blackberrys, name cards, lighters, ciggies, wallets and all the things that you might need for a quick lunch out.

Three colours, white, khaki and blue makes the utility jacket that you need to have in your wardrobe. The buckles are actually D-rings that gives it the strappy kinda feel (yes, we are still on the commando combat mode). Made in cotton spandex, be sure it will give you the snug comfy feel that any jacket should be like.

This utility vest, available in black, white and khaki, is a perfect sporty and casual addition to your outdoor wardrobe. Ready to hit the gym or the rock climbing studio? Slip this vest over your gym gear for the fitness fashionista in you.

these items are now available in all Le Ann Maxima stores

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