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The Skirt named after a Flower

In ss2010 on June 25, 2010 at 10:00 am

One of the little cutesy things that arrived in stores at Le Ann Maxima this spring/summer is the tulip skirt. The skirt is, well, obviously named after a flower – the tulip, for the simple reason that it takes after the shape of the bloom. Although this piece is not one of those pieces which will immediately catch your eye when browsing in stores, it has grown on me throughout the weeks and it has become one of those must-have pieces that most women come back buying them in different colours.

Unlike the pencil skirt or other body hugging shapes, the tulip is actually very forgiving to any body shape and is perfect for women who are worried about their hips. Because of the high waist and wide hips effect, the skirt holds in the lower body as part of the skirt’s shape and hides the original contour of your hips. The tulip is also perfect to show off your legs as it slowly hugs back into a smaller width almost parallel to the waist width.

Our version is the front button opening tulip in cotton spandex, available in white, black and khaki

(blouse, shoes, belt and accessories also available in-store at Le Ann Maxima)

It also features tailored pleats on the side to create the slimming silhouette effect to your legs.

We have been recommending customers to pair the skirt with tops that can be tucked into the skirt to fully appreciate the balloon shape of the tulip. Part of our Spring Summer styling is to pair colourful and floral motif tops with our tulip which is available in block colours of white, black and khaki.

For work, you can pair it with shirts or floral motif tops and paired with a cardigan and for after work, you can work it with a casual tank-top or a tube top.

We strongly recommend you try the khaki colour for a twist to the common black and white skirt that most people wear for work.

Le Ann Maxima also offers another pleated tulip skirt in of our spring summer signature floral print effect. This skirt is 100% silk organza, luxe at its best level. 😉

Celebrity Styling Tips

Lindsay Price in a black tulip paired with loose blouse (image from

Lo Bostworth working a teal tulip skirt for the casual effect paired with tank top and cardi. (image from

Diane Kruger in a stripey tulip skirt paired with flats. (image from

So girls, hurry on down to Le Ann Maxima outlets to get your hands on any of the tulips available in-stores.

these items are now available in all Le Ann Maxima stores

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