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French Lace

In ss2010 on July 1, 2010 at 11:31 pm

ss2010 trend alert: designer recommended

Sometimes, what’s more important that comfort is the luxury velvety feel of fabrics, and other than the usual suede and such, the french lace is one fabric that embodies the perfect blend of comfort and elegance. The French lace history is long and arduous but because of all the hard work of the French artisans, we now have one of the easiest to manufacture and wear fabric, and more importantly, it doesn’t cost a bomb.

No, you not only are allowed to wear French Lace on your wedding day but now, we are a little overjoyed because of the two new pieces that has arrived in stores; it’s almost like a preview of your big day.(except that we have taken it to the streets)

The first casual piece is a short sleeve dress with a low waist embroidery detailing to hug it at your hips. In line with the summer’s fast trend of the jumpsuit or the romper, we’ve made it a dress to give it a more feminine feel. The big round collar also flatters the shoulder and makes it all so breathable during hot days. Available in black, white and black with purple lining. The black with purple lining edition is a peekaboo colour with the purple popping through the outer layer of french lace and gives off the two-tone mysterious aura.

The second piece is a more evening and classy tunic dress with hardware paneling along the collar creating the effect as though you are wearing a dressy necklace. It’s a useful dress when you are on the go for a function and don’t have the time to accessorize. The sleeves are also slightly parted at the side to flatter for those who are worried about flabby arms. Like the casual dress, it is also available in black, white and black with purple lining. The purple lining is perfect for the evening atmosphere as it really brings out the peekaboo feature of the dress.

these items are now available in all Le Ann Maxima stores

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