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In Sartorial Opinions and Thoughts on July 11, 2010 at 6:00 pm

Every woman aspires to be more beautiful, to be more stylish, to be more admirable, to be more talked about. That’s the core of what the fashion industry is built on. While brands continue to churn out designs and collections every season (Le Ann Maxima included), sometimes it is easy to forget about the fundamentals and to just focus on the whimsical and surface of each piece of clothing.

We try to be different, we try to be a brand that truly, as we call it, “maximize your lifestyle”. Our aim is to bring joy and happiness to every customer by fulfilling her desire ‘to be more beautiful, to be more stylish, to be more admirable and to be more talked about’. The act of trying on different pieces of clothing is like shedding one personality and moving on to another. A dress can make you a woman, a mother, a sister, a wife, the first lady of a country, the rising superstar, the homemaker or even, the president of a country.

Taking away the colors and fabrications of the season, is the one thing that carries through all the time. It’s evergreen and ever present in every person, although some may not have discovered it, STYLE. The one thing that everybody talks about, but nobody really understands or grasps. But really, we are not judging, we will continue to explore our collections until we help each and every of our customer to truly understand that which is already in them. Here we wanna share some of our favorite style icons

Daphne Guinness (choice of Debbie Chan, owner of Le Ann Maxima The Curve)

*photo taken from

The couture collector extraordinaire has all the money in the world to afford all the things that she could ever want (being the heiress of the Guinness brand) but what sets her apart from the rest is her innate ability to move from one look to another without looking like she tries too hard. Her sense of style is firmly in place and even though she is always putting together runway looks from one show to another, she makes it recognizably her own, making her one of the fashion industry favorites.

Cast of Sex & The City (choice of Chrysent Ng, Brand Development for Le Ann Maxima)

*image taken from

Really, what’s not to love about these four ladies? We’ve laughed with them, cried with them, grown up with them and while they have gone through almost two decades on screen together, their sense of style has also come full circle with them. Starting with the funky 80s which saw them experimenting with the big hair, the carrot cut jeans, the red loud suits to the recent sequel of the movie which saw Dior, Hermes, Halston and all the classic brands being their choice for graceful aging.

Coco Chanel (choice of Ivan Poon, General Manager – Le Ann Maxima)

*image taken from

From a girl who was abandoned at a convent to a woman who changed the way women dress, Coco Chanel is undoubtedly one of the fashion legends that will never disappear from the minds of people. The inspiring tale of her persistence, her determination and her unwavering survival instinct, Coco started off making hats but she was also one of the first women who took on wearing men shirts and turning them into powerful sartorial statements for independent women around the world. Until today, the steadfast signature Chanel blazer is still one of the very first things an independent woman would seek after for the recognition of strong femininity.

Monica Bellucci (choice of Daniel Beltsos, Chief Fashion Consultant – Le Ann Maxima)

*image from

This Italian icon story is one of the model turned actress and currently is regarded as one of the sexiest women alive. This sexy model began modeling  when she was 16 and is one of the very few models who managed to transcend into a successful and admirable acting career. Now in her 40s, she has merged the high-fashion perspective of her earlier days into her current pursuits. Her style is iconic and elegant as she sweeps the red carpet with evergreen looks and her curvaceous body.

Kate Moss (choice of Xavier Mah, Branding and Communications – Le Ann Maxima)

*image from

Need we say anymore about this ever-so-skinny model that never seem to go out of the fad. While she attained cult status and a love-or-hate her following, many thought she would crash and burn but she came back with a bang. Kate Moss has given life to the grunge and scruffy jeans dressing style, something that she holds true all through the years with an unwavering instinct. She made high street what it is and will continue with her current design efforts with Mulberry and Topshop.

*we are taking a reflective mode this week as we are previewing our Fall/Holiday 2010/11. It’s a new concept, a new direction, one that will surprise you and jump at you. Are you Ready?

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