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One month to go before Summer leaves us

In ss2010 on July 26, 2010 at 9:49 pm

ss2010: limited edition embroidery pieces

We have slightly over a month more before Summer leaves us so let’s make it the very best few weeks and bring our attention back to all the happy clappy colourful clothes while we still can!

There are about thirty over designs which are due to arrive in the month and half and you will see the gradual  transcient of colours and designs toning down to take us to our next season.

The focus for the next few weeks are soft and airy material dresses in layered and biased cuts which gives it the different spark from just a normal dress. As you have probably noticed by now, the signature H-line cut is our brand’s favourite shape to play with mainly because it is flattering to almost all body type and it’s perfect for almost all non-formal occassions too!

For now though, we are going to look at our limited edition key motif embroidery pieces available as a blouse, a dress and a long gown.

Flower embroidery evokes innocence and a sense of old charm which is a rare find these days with all the sexy slinky trends dominating the market. Throw these pieces on with minimal accessories and nude make-up for the times where you need to go subtle and quaint. Leave it all to the embroidery, they will definitely spark conversations, appropriate and classy ones. 😉

these items are now available in all Le Ann Maxima store.

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