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The Styling Tips Edition Part 2

In Sartorial Opinions and Thoughts, ss2010 on August 5, 2010 at 10:16 pm

In the last post, we looked at the mix and match pieces for lace pieces, which is one of the key fabrics for spring summer 2010. Now, we move on to styling tips for casual and comfortable wear whether its for running around or for a day or relaxing and chilling.

  • One of the key motifs for this season is the floral print that we have adapted as a paint splash design on both leggings and a pareo top. The legging is bold, strong and a piece that most may not dare to experiment with. However, the easiest way of wearing a strong statement piece like the paint splash design leggings is to tone it down with a block colour second piece. In the styling above, we have paired it with an all white butterfly jersey top to give it the relaxed and easy feel highlighting the piece without being over the top.

  • The same styling concept is applied with the splash paint design pareo, keeping the second piece, in this case the knee-length shorts, simple. You can pair it with either black or white bottoms to bring out the design of the pareo which you can style in four different ways.

  • This ensemble is perfect for a day out shopping or running errands. The knitted cotton top is breezy and paired with a white pair of shorts and a huge hobo bag and you are ready to move around in the hot weather. The hobo bag gives you all the room that you need to carry your things around. The shorts come with a removable belt to give you more options to play with.

  • An All-White stylish and sporty combo that is also very functional. The underlayer is a white tank top (which is currently available for RM 18 in stores as a purchase for purchase item) paired with a pair of white shorts and on the outside, accessorize with a linen utility jacket. The utility jacket and its abundance of pockets would be easy for you to keep things especially when you are on the run. Wearing an all-white ensemble can really bring out your skin tone and stand out from the crowd with its pristine aura.

  • A simple feminine get-up for the more girlish, this chiffon flowing black top paired with a mini skirt makes its perfect for casual lunches or a coffee date. The subtle colours gives off a sophisticated edge and yet retain the sensous touch of a woman. For a more sexy feel, pair this combo with killer six-inch stilletos, or if you want to tone it down for a walk in the park, slip on a glittery pair of sandals.

*more to come in the next part of The Styling Tips Edition


these items are now available in all Le Ann Maxima store.

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