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Dressing Real Women Part 1

In Sartorial Opinions and Thoughts on August 13, 2010 at 12:37 pm

Fashion brands have always used models in their campaigns and shows, understandably so as models are clothes horse that showcases the pieces in the most neutral and objective light. However the main gripe that everyday consumers have is the inability to fit into clothes that look so beautifully shot in catalogues and campaigns or even finding the right fit to their lifestyle and body shapes.

One problem that most women face while shopping is the variety of choices and clothes that are present in the market, and actually having to skim through these choices to find something that you fancy and that suits you.

On occasions, you see some shoppers triumphantly walk out of a congested warehouse sale holding the one prized dress that they have found in the hours of rummaging at a bargain price, but honestly, how many of us have the time or effort to do so, or if we do, finding it in the perfect size or colour?

Le Ann Maxima places an emphasis on letting the floor team assist and guide you through our collections. You may already know what you want, then let us bring the specific pieces for you, or if you are open to the idea of new styles and experiment with the latest trends, let us recommend and we all can have some fun!

This week, Le Ann Maxima The Curve took on the opportunity to dress a group of women from all ages, body shapes and professions.

Mai Chi is a writer who takes on both creative and corporate projects. While on most occassions she can be casual and subtle, on days where she needs to meet corporate clients, she needs to rev up the polished sleek image to impress. The attention grabbing lace skirt is daring yet classy as the length is right at the knee. Work this all-black ensemble with a red pair of heels.

Vivienne Loke is an offshore investment adviser, and while she spends most of her days in her corporate wear, the moment the weekend calls, she puts on her best cocktail dresses to hit town for some R&R time. Cocktail dresses need not be too revealing or overtly over the top to grab attention. This one shoulder dress kicks off conversations with a 3D flower design on the sleeve that helps highlights her shoulders.

Janice Yeung is an education entrepreneur who are out meeting clients and dealing with young kids on a daily basis. Because of her petite frame, Janice has always prefer to wear pants and blouses. We recommended a v-neck minidress that stops right at the knee to help show that even petite frames can pull off beautifully cut and framed dresses.

Zoe Chua is a young out and about green entrepreneur who has a spunky personality and very vibrant lifestyle. Zoe loves sticking to masculine cut pieces like vests, shirts and pants and we pulled a dress with military utility element that really jazzes up her style. The dress retains the feminine touch while the military element gives it the ommph!

Michelle Chan (in purple) is the owner of an events/talents management company while Yvonne Yap (in black) is a beauty entrepreneur. Both the ladies enjoy the benefits of having slender and tall body shapes which makes it perfect for them to fit into various evening dresses regardless of cut and fit. Michelle rocks a balloon shape one shoulder satin dress for a more fashionable touch while Yvonne works a classic opulent look with the embroidery halter dress that is asymmetrical at the hems.

Prudence Loh is a florist who meets clients everyday to see how they can best express their messages through flowers. Comfort is her main priority but this need not be a substitute for style. She works it in of our signature maxi dresses that gives her comfort, style while keeping her cool in our all-year long summer weather.

Watch out for Part 2 where we dress seven more ladies!

* Le Ann Maxima The Curve offers private styling sessions for groups of ladies that includes makeup/makeover sessions, flower arrangement classes, wine appreciation session and handmade jewellery showcase, all in the comfort of our store while browsing out latest collections with top-notch personalized service. These sessions are offered for free, if you are interested, please email or call 03-77101192 to enquire.

Showcase of Le Ann Maxima range of clothes by BNI United ladies. Styling by Debbie Chan (Le Ann Maxima The Curve), Jewellery by Karen of Zsiska. Photos and poses by Amrufm of EnchantedFOREST Studio

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