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Dressing Real Women Part 2

In Sartorial Opinions and Thoughts on August 19, 2010 at 9:18 pm

Shen Choo is a woman who wears many business hats dabbling in a few industries. She is one of those shoppers who are very specific in what they want and prefers to wear pieces with sleeves which is perfect for both work and play. This casual jersey maxi dress with the drop shoulder band gives her arms a peekaboo cut.

Siow Ling is a weight management consultant who incorporates almost all colour spectrums in her wardrobe. Unlike most dressers who tend to stick to similar shades, she changes her daily outfit from colour to colour depending on what suits her mood best. Although she is wearing a tube dress underneath, the military jacket as an outer layer has toned down the look making it extremely suitable for her to work in during the day when she has to see clients. Come after work, all she needs is to take off the jacket and she is ready to socialize with friends fashionably.

Joyce Kee is a business exec with a more conservative touch to her style. She opts for pieces which are more structured and appropriate for her work. However, this does not mean she needs to sacrifice style as conservative pieces are the most elegant, timeless and classic pieces that will take your wardrobe through decades. Here, she wears a dress that looks like two mix and match pieces put together.

Susan Guan runs a spa and beauty business so fashion, style and beauty is second nature to this lovable personality. She loves to experiment and actually put together this outfit to try out the more sexy and alluring look which works out completely perfect for her.

The adorable Karen Khoo is a hand jewellery entrepreneur and she uses jewellery and her spunky hairstyle as part of her outfits that defines her style. Picking basic or subtle pieces as her backdrop, she accessorizes to bring out her charm

Kang Wai Chin retired from the corporate world and became a mutual fund consultant as a means to spend her days. Kang has maintained a graceful style from her corporate days and chooses pieces that are classic and suitable for her lifestyle.

Iris Ong is an upcoming business executive who is open to different styles and fashion trends. Currently, she is obsessed with long dresses which is perfect for her slender figure. Long dresses are versatile pieces that takes you from day to night, depending on footwear, bags and accessories.

Showcase of Le Ann Maxima range of clothes by BNI United ladies. Styling by Debbie Chan (Le Ann Maxima The Curve), Jewellery by Karen of Zsiska. Photos and poses by Amrufm of EnchantedFOREST Studio

* Le Ann Maxima The Curve offers private styling sessions for groups of ladies that includes makeup/makeover sessions, flower arrangement classes, wine appreciation session and handmade jewellery showcase, all in the comfort of our store while browsing out latest collections with top-notch personalized service. These sessions are offered for free, if you are interested, please email or call 03-77101192 to enquire.

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