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In Sale and Promotions on August 24, 2010 at 12:42 pm

Having to jostle for sale items and queueing up for hours to get to the cashier is not exactly the fun part of shopping.

Shopping and sale shopping need not be such a hassle and can in fact, be a calm and relaxing occassion, which is why Le Ann Maxima The Curve has tailored the perfect private event for you and your friends to socialize and get up-close with our collections without the hustle and bustle.

This week, we hosted a group of ten ladies and helped them host a imaginery dinner party, starting off with the flower decor at home by The Flower Cottage and then dressing and accessorizing with Le Ann Maxima and Zsiska jewellery to look like the perfect hostess.

This upcoming Saturday, on the 28th August, we will be having another session where we will explore hair and make-up, all elements of beauty related to fashion to help you find the style that suits you best.

Comment on this post with why you love fashion and beauty and you may stand a chance to win invites to this exclusive event! This event is by private invite only, but you can drop by the store on Saturday just to look see look see as this is a glimpse of more events to be held monthly in-store!

* Le Ann Maxima The Curve offers private styling sessions for groups of ladies that includes makeup/makeover sessions, flower arrangement classes, wine appreciation session and handmade jewellery showcase, all in the comfort of our store while browsing out latest collections with top-notch personalized service. These sessions are offered for free, if you are interested, please email or call 03-77101192 to enquire.

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