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euro-inspired. asian touch

le ann maxima. ready-to-wear. designer. euro-inspired. asian touch.

if you have never been to a le ann maxima store, then this is the right place for you to start exploring the experience behind the country’s leading ready-to-wear brand.

we are backed by a sordidly creative and stylish team of designers that brings to life the latest trends and cuts from all around the world, translating them into unique but wearable pieces that is exclusively available under le ann maxima.

because we are euro-inspired, we follow the fashion world’s creme de la creme standard of two collections a year, Spring Summer and Fall/Holiday. Fall/Holiday instead of Fall Winter, because we are Asian touch-ed. (get the idea now?)

join us in this blog as we go on a journey to explore the trends, the pieces, the must-haves, the loves that makes the fashionista that embodies le ann maxima.

are you ready?

you can reach the maxima blog team at

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